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Eight | Otto
Shot on iPhone 12 pro max

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A new series focusing on anything feminine, with International Women’s Day in mind.
Isolation played a very important part in the birth of this work. March 8 2020 was the last day of pre-Covid freedom. Italy entered its first total lockdown the following day.
With this in mind, I asked myself how much has changed in these past 12 months - for me as a female photographer as well as for each of the women who took part in this project.
All of them are "citizens of the world" - travellers, wanderers, dreamers. They are accustomed to travel and discovery. In the past year they found themselves in limbo.
This series of diptychs wants to focus on this feeling of being "suspended", but also on the beauty that still remains, which can turn the ordinary into extraordinary, regardless of all difficulties.
All the images were shot in February-March 2021 in Milan with an iPhone 12 pro max. 
Special thanks to: Aconcoli Dance Company, Chiara Daneo, the whole team at Milanosport – particularly to Chiara Bisconti, Lucia Sozzi and Annarita Olcelli – Sixième Bistrot.
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