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It's finally here! Pink Lady Award at the Royal Photographic Society in Bristol!

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

As our aircraft started its descent for landing, I still could not believe I was able to attend the opening day of the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year Award exhibition. It was a much-awaited event, both because of the venue – the prestigious Royal Photographic Society in Bristol, a dream come true for any photographer – and because it came after almost two long years of virtual events.

The Royal Photographic Society is one of the oldest photographic societies in the world (patron HRH The Duchess of Cambridge). The RPS is an international charitable organisation dedicated to increasing the knowledge and understanding of photography and film, supporting photographers, and inspiring public engagement. Being able to see two of my images exhibited there is a dream come true to say the least.

A huge thank you goes to the wonderful Caroline Kenyon, founder and director of the award, for her hard work and enthusiasm, as well as to all her fantastic staff – Georgia Day, Kathleen Codd, Marija Parker and Alyssa Rawlins.

Massive thanks also to food blogger Martina Bartolozzi and wine producer Federico Ceretto – the subjects of my winning images – for making the time to attend the event. It meant the world to me.

Seeing my pictures up on a wall was in incredible joy. Sharing this joy with the people portrayed in those photographs was a huge privilege. I do believe photography can sometimes create a bond between who is behind the camera and who is in front of it. The photos below are a great proof of it. I will cherish the laughters and tears of last night for a long time to come.

The exhibition at the RPS in Bristol is on until 12th Dec.

(Click on the images to view full size)


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