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Soli- Lati- tudes
Anatomy of a distant isolation.
(2017, 2020)
April 2020
Apart from an assignment on life in self-isolation, completed without stepping out of my door, my camera gear has been resting inside its bag since the epidemic of Covid-19 emerged in Italy.
When the lockdown began, I ordered some props online for a photo shoot I had in mind. They are still in the box, unopened. 
I feel like I haven't been able to "digest" this new reality yet as I haven't been able to take my distance from it. 
These images go back to a long journey in South America, which I took in 2017. They were shot in Montevideo, Santiago and Buenos Aires. The filter of their temporary distance gave me the opportunity to process the current situation, and its deeper impact on me.
Self-isolation has always been a second nature to me - I have deliberately chosen on many occasions. I see it as an opportunity to be with myself - something quite similar to meditation, I guess. 
Within the life of the walls that define my space, the vision is very physical, though - it bounces back from the floor, the bedside lamp, the objects around me and breaks open new spaces and possibilities within my isolation.
These diptychs talk about absence -  they are a photographic introspection, one that forms a safety net made of objects, thoughts and memories - a way to escape within the boundaries of oneself.
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