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June's been a good month ...

June's been a good month. Lots of packing and unpacking, several flights to catch, laundry stops in between.

I managed to go back to Japan and Denmark, two of my favourite countries in the world, to see good friends in London and to travel across the South of France all the way to Barcelona and Madrid. Not bad, considering June only has 30 days ...

Some pretty good news arrived as well. My ongoing project about Sardinian women was awarded a honourable mention at the Moscow International Foto Awards - still plenty of work to be done before I can say it's finished, but it's good to see it's getting some attention already. Click on the picture below to be redirected to the MIFA website and see what the story so far looks like:

Another great news arrived yesterday, as the iPhone Photography Awards announced the winners of its 10th Annual Awards and I found out I won 3rd prize in the people category with a picture I snapped in Arles at the Rencontres. There are some good reasons to celebrate, I guess. And the fact that I will leaving for Arles next week for the opening week of the photography festival is a very happy coincidence.

Here is the winning shot. Click on it to be redirected to the IPPA website and to have a look at the stunning images from all over the world that made the final cut:

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