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Senza Mare - soon in a bookshop near you

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

So today was the day. Senza Mare, my long-term project about Sardinian traditions and

costumes, finally went to press.

I have dreamt of this day for the past few months. Sadly, I was able to live it only through my publisher's messages, photos and videos as today is also the first day of (second) lockdown as Lombardy continues to be one of the epicentres of the Covid-19 pandemic. Working on this book has been my most important project during this strange year - it kept me going through uncertain times and made me focus on something positive. Regardless of restrictions, tiredness and uncertainty there is always room to work on what we love and create something beautiful.

If you pre-ordered your copy, please keep in mind it will take another couple of weeks for the book to be ready to be shipped. Deliveries might be delayed due to the current situation, but I am confident the book will be with you by the end of November.

Ta-dah! Here is the cover, hot off the press!

I hope you will love looking at these stories from Sardinia as much as I enjoyed working on them. The island you will discover is far away - both geographically and emotionally - from the wonderful coastline the island is usually associated with. A Sealess land, which was the result of my desire to go deep and take time (isn't this what photography is about, after all?). I hope it will inspire some of your future travels - or photo projects, or both.

If you wish to read some more about Senza Mare and the story behind it, Stefano Bianchi, founder and CEO of Crowdbooks publishing, did a lovely interview a few days ago. You can find it on the Crowdbooks blog page, here (Italian only).

If you want to purchase a copy of the book (Christmas pressies anyone?), you can still do so on the Crowdbooks website as well as on major online retailers.

That's all for now. Keep safe, everyone. This too shall pass. Hopefully soon. :)

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