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iPhone Photography awards ... again!

I am thrilled to announce that one of my Sardinia pictures won third place in the portrait category of this year’s iPhone Photography Awards.

This image is part of a long-term project about century-long traditions in the region of Barbagia, on the island of Sardinia, Italy. It was taken in the town of Gavoi. Myriam Costeri - the beautiful young woman in the picture - and her friends had agreed to a photo shoot so that I could take some portraits of them wearing their traditional costumes. That was a very interesting story to me. Myriam’s brother, Antonio Francesco Costeri, has been collecting costumes of his hometown since he was a teenager. Now in his twenties, he has managed to put together an impressive collection of clothes. In between portrait sessions, I decided to take a few pics with my iPhone, in order to share them on social media. As soon as I took my phone out, Myriam’s mum - who was also wearing a traditional outfit - went by the window, probably unaware of being in the frame. The contrast between the two of them was striking. I decided to shoot. There is also another story to be told, though. Chiara Samugheo’s book Costumi di Sardegna was one of the inspirations behind this photo project - back in the 80s, she travelled through most of the region and took beautiful portraits of people in traditional costumes. Myriam’s mother proudly told me she was one of the models for that book - which I did not know when I got in touch with her daughter asking to pose for my project. The fact she is also in this image is a very happy coincidence. To me, it says a lot about meaningful connections in life. A massive thanks to Myriam, Antonio and their wonderful family and friends - as well to all those wonderful people who contributed to this three-year long photo project. Be patient for a little bit more - I am working hard to make sure this work gets all the attention it deserves.

Grazie ❤️

Here are the links to read some of the articles published in the press about this award (click on the links to be redirected to the features):

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